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Dr.Sourabh Deshmukh


Dr.Trupti Sourabh Deshmukh




Excellent consultancy for skin disease through Ayurveda.
Definitive satisfactory results in all types of skin disorders.
- Minal

When we were living in Kurla, he was our family doctor.
Very good treatment given at all times.
Thank you. - Utkarsha Landge

Dr. Sourabh Deshmukh is a well-known skin specialist in
all types of skin disorders. He has a specialty in giving satisfactory
results within a minimum period of time.
- Manisha Choudhary

Really great results by Ayurveda, go for it.
Will recommend surely. It's one of the best skin clinics with
the best results and the best consultant, of course.
- Ashwini Nilesh Ingle

Excellent consultant for skin disease through Ayurveda.
- Shreyas

Result-oriented treatment. Please take benefit of the same.
- Ankush Meghal

Best doctor in chronic skin diseases.
- Bhavesh Dangore